How we work

Survey (collecting data)

We send a qualified survey team to take samples and data that include the conditions of soil, plant, moisture, climate and disease and other unprecedented factors.

Analysis and problem identification

From the data collected, our analysis team will make analysis and identify what problems that exist in plants.

Formulation and solution

At this stage, a team of formulation expert is involved to create correct formula in order to solve the specific problems.

Report to customer

The result of our problem identification is reported to the customer and the suggestion of which type of SUPER MOAF® to apply will be made.

Production and Distribution

After deciding which SUPER MOAF® to apply, production under strict quality control is carried out and products are to be distributed to the customers.


We send a special controlling team to provide training and to guide customer's staffs on the proper use of our fertilizers.

Post-Control Stage

After using the fertilizers for 3-4 months, our team will hold a follow up session where they come back to help the customer survey and monitor the effects of SUPER MOAF® fertilizer on the farmland condition and crop growth.

Our Fertilizer


  • Improve and safeguard the growth and structure of root
  • Improve the soil structure and condition
  • Specially neutralize the acidity of the farmland
  • Restore pH balance in soil without damaging the fertility
  • Assist the development of beneficial microorganism for plants
  • Helping in pollination and plant reproduction
  • Facilitate pollination
  • Improve the structure of fronds and fronds opening
  • Prevent fruits from rotting
  • Empower the entire plant systems
  • Increase crop production
  • Facilitate pollination
  • Improve the structure of fronds and fronds opening
  • Boost the crop growth
  • Increase yield and oil extraction ratio
  • Empower the entire plant systems
  • Maintain and promote the chlorophyll production
  • Prevent the leaves from turning yellow and damage
  • Stabilize the macro and micro elements bound in the soil

Our Bio Products

We are proud to be the only company in the world which can handle Ganoderma infected palm trees, and prevent infection from Ganoderma.

How do we do it?

CHIPS® our solution to Ganoderma, which is custom-made for every plantation with different problems.
* Ganoderma handling only effective on Ganoderma Stage 1 and 2.

Our Technology

Cutting-edge technology that allows the fertilizers to actively respond to the reaction of plant by regulating the release of nutrients required by plants. So, there is no excess or deficiency of nutrients that can harm the tree.

Auto Adapt Release is a technology that provides our fertilizer with the ability to adjust itself to climate changes. During the dry season, our fertilizer is able to release nutrients optimally. During the rainy season, the nutrient release is controlled in a way that it will not exceed the required amount.

Unlike most organic fertilizers, our natural solution performs faster, even much more than chemical fertilizers.

The mechanism that enables our fertilizers to prepare and support the roots when entering dry season. It prevents the roots from being damaged or disrupted so that the absorption of nutrients by the roots to trees will remain effective.

Unlike other fertilizers, our SUPER MOAF® remains stable and last long. Other fertilizers can hardly last long due to the changes in their molecular structures and consequently, they fail to maintain their functions and damage the trees instead.

Our SUPER MOAF® is also generated based on the theory of Colony Complex that enables the fertilizers to form colony. This mechanism also allows the fertilizer to prepare the logistics, act as a storehouse of nutrients required by microorganism.

Our fertilizers are prepared to control the growth of fungi. Destructive or parasitic fungi can be reduced and prevented its growth.

SUPER MOAF® is also formulated to reduce harmful pests of plants.

SUPER MOAF® is designed to boost and improve crop production by increasing the weight of fruit in accordance to the year of planting and the types of plant clones.

SUPER MOAF® is engineered to improve the yield production by increasing oil extraction ratio inside the core in accordance to the year of planting and the types of plant clones.

Our Plantation

We have been helping our clients in solving various oil palm plantation problems, which plantation area is more than 100,000 hectares. This is all done based on our standards in treatment, fertilization, harvesting and social handling.
From a very low yield plantation into a high yield plantation. We have also succeeded in recovering diseased plantation. We have suceeded in recovering the age and the production of palm trees infected by disease.
If you have unproductive plantation for us to handle or take-over, you can contact us directly here.

Our Agricultural Products

Will be updated soon.

Our Past Works

The photo below is real and is not modified in any way. We deliberately chose photos with tree in bad condition. We try to show our work in recovering trees with low yield to high yield. The following shows one of our work from many of our various accomplishments.







* There are some discrepancies in the photos, this is because of the different angle when the photos were taken. We have valid witness while taking the sample photos.
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